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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 14:05
Virtua Tennis 4 (2011) ENG PC RePack by Ultra -NEO

Virtua Tennis 4 (2011/ENG/RePack by Ultra)
Year: 2011 l Platform: PC l Language: English l Developer: SEGA l Publisher: SEGA l 1.82 GB
Genre: Sport (Tennis)

The fourth part of the famous sports simulation not only adds new gameplay features, but uses the power of modern technology. In the full use of opportunities of innovation management system Microsoft Kinect, fans of the series can feel the real stars of the court. The campaign will offer gamers a fight with the stars of professional tennis like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Porto, Caroline Wozniacki, and others. Gamers can create their own unique tennis player and take with him the single-player campaign of the World Tour.
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 13:53
Red Faction: Armageddon (2011) MULTI2 *Lossless RePack by R.G. Modern* -NEO
Red Faction: Armageddon (2011/MULTI2/Lossless RePack by R.G. Modern)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Volition Inc | Publisher: THQ | 2011 | 5.51 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:42
Storm Frontline Nation -NEO
Storm Frontline Nation-RELOADED
PC | Year: 6/2011 | 2.05 GB
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:41
Pro Race Driver -NEO

Pro Race Driver
Year: 2003 | Publisher: Codemasters | Developer: Codemasters | ENG | PC | 1.10 GB
Genre: Racing

Cross-country competition - this is not the place for the weak in spirit and unsure of himself. This is a sport where winners are valued and respected. This is a world dominated by a mad speed and pure adrenaline.
Pro Race Driver - is not just fast cars and really existing tracks, but also a fascinating plot. Get ready for this test and prove that you're the best!
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:36
Mystery Valley: Extended Edition (Final) -NEO

Mystery Valley: Extended Edition (Final)
Year: 2011 | Developer: Greengamer | Publisher: Big Fish Games | Language: English | PC | Size: 250 MB
Genre: Hidden Object

Solve a rash of murders in Mystery Valley Extended Edition a dark and spooky investigation. As an FBI agent, it's up to you to find the murderer. Explore an eerie mansion and find clues and the motive behind the murders. As you dive deeper in the case, you realize that you're more connected to the murders than you ever would have imagined.
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:23
Mystery Places - Das Geheimnis von  Sektor Omega (2011) DE -NEO

Mystery Places - Das Geheimnis von Sektor Omega (2011/DE)
Year:2011 | PC Game | Developer: UIG GmbH | Publisher: UIG GmbH | 456.22 Mb
Genre: Adventure

Onthe game: Death - thats not the end but a beginning. After the tragictragedy, John falls into the underworld. The conductor of the deadsends it back to an abandoned, cursed Omega Factory. The factory keepsa weave of thousands of the Dead souls! You have to find out what othermysteries keeps Omega Factory, and why the dead can not go on his lastjourney!
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:20
Counter - Strike: Source v.63  Net assembly (2011) MULTI2 -NEO

Counter - Strike: Source v.63 Net assembly (2011/MULTI2)
Year:2011 | PC Game | Developer: Valve Corporation | Publisher: Valve Corporation | 2.10 GB
Genre: Action, FPS, Online

Thenext version of the worlds best online action. Counter-Strike: Sourceblends award-winning team shooter Counter-Strike with the advancedtechnology of Source . With the relevant latest developments andtechnical thought graphics, fully updated sound and realistic physics,Counter-Strike: Source simply must take a prominent place in thecollection of every fan of the genre action.
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:18
Front Mission  Evolved (2010) Multi3 / RePack by z10yded -NEO

Front Mission Evolved (2010/Multi3/RePack by z10yded)
Year: 2010 l Platform: PC l Language: Multilanguage l Developer: Double Helix Games l Publisher: Square Enix l 4.35 GB
Genre: Arcade / 3D / Top-down

Historyteaches us that no war can not achieve peace. That withoutsophisticated weapons can not win. But historians have never been onthe battlefield. Leave the thinking for later. And now - there isorder, there is a goal, there is an enemy to be destroyed. And there isa large, modern combat robot. Spend your Wanzer to meet a storm of fireand bursting shells. Prove that is within your power to change history!
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:17
Electronic Arts - Darkspore 2011 (MULTI5) -NEO
Electronic Arts - Darkspore 2011 (MULTI5)
English | 5.58 GB | 2011 | Pc Game
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Maxis
Genre: 3D, RPG, Action
FileServe FileSonic BitShare UploaDing UploadStation links
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:15
Hunting Unlimited 2010 ENG/RIP -NEO

Hunting Unlimited 2010 (2009/ENG/RIP)
Year: 2009 | English | PC | Developer: SCS Software | Publisher: ValuSoft | 277 MB
Genre: Simulator (Shooter / Sport / Hunting) / 3D / 1st person

The urban population is difficult to imagine myself away from noisy city. He does not understand how you can do without nightclubs, partying, hypermarkets and other inherent attributes of a big city. Nevertheless, there is entertainment that the city simply is not available.
And perhaps the main space of urban life lack of enough to hunt. It is unfortunate misunderstanding can be corrected through the game The Big Hunt 2009, one of the most realistic simulation to date hunting. You should carefully make their way in a virtual forest and prairie, for that would not scare off game, and then put one of its best shot. Hunting down the beast, you, as during the actual hunting, will take into account many factors the characteristics of the landscape to animal habits. In addition to the standard mode of the game is the championship mode, in addition, you can participate in a safari ...
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:14
City Bus (2011) Multi5/ENG -NEO

City Bus PROPHET (2011/Multi5/ENG)
Year:2011 | PC Game | Developer: Vipagames | Publisher: Play Publishing | 230.38 Mb
Genre: Arcade / Racing / 3D

On the game: For the first time in the history of computer games you have to sit behind the wheel of the bus ... to destroy everything around you! To hell with traffic, fences and buildings.
Go to the ram, smash the wall, spread into smithereens everything in its path. And if the police intervened, bring to bear on the roof mounted machine gun or other heavy weaponry! This bright, stylish and swift arcade will satisfy all fans of dynamic games with chases, explosions and gunfire. In addition, you can destroy anything, turn the city into ruins, ride for fun and enjoy the atmosphere of unlimited collapse!
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 12:13
Anomaly Warzone Earth v.1.0.1 Mac OS X -NEO
Anomaly Warzone Earth v.1.0.1
Mac OS X | English | Developer: 11 bit studios | Publisher: Chillingo | 414 MB
Genre: Action and Strategy
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CategoryGames Date2-07-2011, 11:45
Duke Nukem Forever (2011) MULTI2 RePack by R.G.Catalyst -NEO

Duke Nukem Forever (2011/MULTI2/RePack by R.G.Catalyst)
Year: 2011 | Eng, Rus | PC Game | Developer: Gearbox Software | Publisher: 2K Games | 2.71 Gb
Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Get ready to transform into the coolest, turretless and desperate hero in the history of computer and video games. Since his last adventure has been almost ten years, but players from all over the world for a
moment not lost hope for a new meeting with him. And their dream became a reality - a world flooded with hordes of alien invaders, and hence - Duke Nyukem back!
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CategoryGames Date18-06-2011, 15:59
F.E.A.R 3 (2011) MULTI2 PC

F.E.A.R 3 (2011) MULTI2 PC
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Day 1 Studios and Monolith Productions | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | 2011 | 3.97 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Nine months ago Operative (Point Man) with his fantastic squad FEAR received your order to stop the cannibal, a telepath, a bloody massacre. It turned out that the monster is none other than the brother on the operative - Vettel Paxton (Paxton Fettel), which has full domination over their mother, Alma Wade. This young woman gets the paranormal abilities of unprecedented power, suffering a robust mental disorder, and so in a state of unconsciousness was imprisoned inside "Sarcophagus". However, regardless of this finding, investigators ought to be ordered to destroy Vettel. Due to hunting brother against brother city into ruins, virtually all the men on the detachment FEAR died. Additionally, it is clear that Alma is constantly influence precisely what is happening. Even so the worst part is the fact that jane is on the verge of give birth to something which can destroy anyone on the planet. By some miracle, Vettel is resurrected. He won't side with investigators, but asks him to assist her find Alma. All at once, the surviving soldiers on the detachment Don't worry abandoned their efforts to complete its mission.
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CategoryGames Date26-05-2011, 07:00
LEGO Batman (2009/RUS/ENG)

LEGO Batman | 2009 | RUS/ENG | 4.3Gb
Developer: TT Games / Warner Bros.
Language: Russian + English
Genre: Action / Adventure
Platform: PC
Version: 1.0
Crack: Yes
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 05:53
Iron Storm (2002/PC/ENG)

Iron Storm (2002/PC/ENG) | 982 MB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 05:33
Marvel vs. Capcom I (2011/ENG/PC) Unrar & Play

Marvel vs. Capcom I (2011/ENG/PC) Unrar & Play | 321 MB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 05:13
Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops (2011/PC/ENG) RIP by KaOs

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops (2011/PC/ENG) RIP by KaOs | 1.28 GB


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