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CategorySystem Tools Date18-03-2011, 10:58
Geniesoft Timeline Professional

Geniesoft Timeline Professional + Keygen | Windows OS | 178MB

One time setup, a lifetime of protection! Genie Timeline Professional; revolutionary backup software that is designed to meet the data protection needs of day to day business users. With 3 simple, straight forward steps you can enjoy enhanced features such as; disaster recovery, backing up a wide variety of data types, multiple performance modes, enhanced security. No need to worry about disasters to your system, Genie Timeline Professional can restore all of your settings and data.....
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CategoryGraphics-Design Date18-03-2011, 10:58
IMSI TurboCAD Professional Platinum 18.0

IMSI TurboCAD Professional Platinum 18.0 | 369 MB

In TurboCAD Pro you will find many of the most advanced technologies in the industry: 3D ACIS® Modeler from Spatial, D-Cubed™ 2D DCM constraint manager from Siemens Industry Software Limited, the Redsdk drawing engine for GPU-accelerated 2D and Wireframe display modes from Redway3d®, and LightWorks photorealistic and non-photorealistic artistic rendering capabilities from Lightwork Design. The Platinum product includes all of the advanced features necessary for both architectural design and more specific mechanical design tasks. In prior years the TurboCAD product series included specific Mechanical and Architectural Editions. With the release of version, we have combined those advanced features into a single product — Platinum, as many of these tools' capabilities were applicable to a variety of tasks.
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CategorySoftware Date16-03-2011, 17:36
Dr.Web LiveUSB 6.0.0 [14.03.2011]

Dr.Web LiveUSB 6.0.0 [14.03.2011] | 160 MB

Dr.Web LiveUSB allows you to restore the system when the computer boots normally impossible because of the actions of viruses or other malicious programs.
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CategoryGraphics-Design Date16-03-2011, 17:34
Autodesk AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2011 DVD ISO (ENG/x86)

Autodesk AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2011 DVD ISO (ENG/x86) | 3.6 GB

AutoCAD Structural Detailing, based on the platform of AutoCAD , provides a means of fast and efficient detailing and the creation of working drawings for the manufacture of steel and concrete structures. The program supports BIM (BIM) and created specifically for designers and manufacturers of construction applications.
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CategoryMultiMedia Date16-03-2011, 17:33
HHARB Complete All 29 Sample Kits WAV

HHARB Complete All 29 Sample Kits WAV
SYNTHiC4TE | 13.3.2011 | 1.11 GB

This release is a complete siterip of hiphopandrapbeats.com. These Sound Kits Work With All Hardware & Software: Akai MPC Series, MV8800, MV800 and all other Hardware Samplers. Also Reason, Fruity Loops/ FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Beat Thang Virtual, Logic and all of the other top DAWs on the market.
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CategorySoftware Date16-03-2011, 17:31
AMS Software Pack (Update 13.03.2011)

AMS Software Pack (Update 13.03.2011) | 730 MB

Package for processing photos is a set of fast and convenient program for editing and processing images. The set includes both known and time-tested software and the latest programs created over the past six months. This package has everything you need for working with photos, many problems can be solved here is much simpler and more convenient than other products.
The collection consists of a short list of 31 Unattended (silent installation) graphics software from AMS Software, collected in a single shell.
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CategoryGraphics-Design Date9-03-2011, 11:30
Adobe Illustrator CS5 ME (Middle Eastern) (08.03.2011)

Adobe Illustrator CS5 ME (Middle Eastern) (08.03.2011) | 2.27 GB

ME (Middle Eastern) versions differ in the support of right-writing (Arabic, Hebrew). Obespechivaet precise control over typography and provides built-in design tools, preflight and publish documents for print, the Internet and display on mobile devices. Add interactivity, animation, video and sound in a page layout to attract the attention of readers.
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CategorySoftware Date9-03-2011, 11:29
GarageBand Artist Lesson (Piano) - Sarah McLachlan: Angel

GarageBand Artist Lesson (Piano) - Sarah McLachlan: Angel | Mac OS | 300MB

Play along with your artist/instructor or take your skills to the next level and jam with the original band. You can even select and listen to individual instruments from multitrack recordings available only on GarageBand. Want to hear what Sting’s guitar sounds like on its own? Think you’re ready to sit in for Colbie Caillat? Artist Lessons let you control the mix and instrumentation, so you can hear or play whatever you want — even slow things down to make learning easier.
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CategoryMultiMedia Date9-03-2011, 11:29
Metal Ultimate Construction Kit 24BiT

Sony MediaSoftware Metal Ultimate Construction Kit | 1.12 Gb

From thunderous double kicks to drop-tuned riffs force-fed through power-hungry stacks, metal is a highly specialized style of music that continues to generate new mutations even after nearly four decades of constant shape shifting. Borne on the fist-clenched anthemic drive of monumental early 70’s rock, metal’s grim messages of apocalyptic mayhem are still ingested and reconstituted wherever you can find solid body guitars and copious amounts of electricity. Metal’s basic formula, however, remains constant: extreme music composition and precise execution on massive kit, all captured using intensive recording studio resources.
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CategoryInternet Tools Date9-03-2011, 11:27
NDrive Navigation Systems (2011)

NDrive Navigation Systems (2011) | 7.52 GB

NDrive Navigation Systems - is a navigation on your PDA with lots of different very useful features. You can easily and quickly find your street, city, organization, company, etc. The menu is well thought-out program is very convenient to manage.
The program can provide you navigate around the city as in the 2D mode, and in 3D. All navigation can be accompanied by a pleasant female voice with all the cases, and it is in your language.
Languages appear (you need (example - Russia or Ukraine)) after you install the appropriate map for further use. By default, there is English.
In this release are versions for Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian.
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CategoryMultiMedia Date9-03-2011, 11:27
CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra64 Multilanguage

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra64 Multilanguage | 588 MB

CyberLink PowerDirector - Magic Video Editing for Creating Dynamic Movies, Edit videos and slideshows automatically with stunning titles, effects, and transitions, Quickly fix and improve videos with magic enhancement tools, Achieve the results you want with advanced editing features including key frame PiPs and menu editor, Import from high-def camcorders to create high-def movies, Publish directly to the web on Streamload or YouTube. CUDA acceleration support.
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CategoryMultiMedia Date9-03-2011, 11:26
CyberLink PowerDVD 10.0 Build 2701.51 Ultra Max Multilanguage Portable

CyberLink PowerDVD 10.0 Build 2701.51 Ultra Max Multilanguage Portable | 112.3 MB

Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra MAX is the latest evolution of the world acclaimed DVD software program that offers maximum video and audio playback entertainment on the PC. It comes complete with numerous customizable video/audio controls that can deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience. PowerDVD incorporates support for high-definition audio and video, true 8-channel home theater audio playback, virtual surround sound, as well as complete controls and extra features for DVD enthusiasts.
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CategoryMultiMedia Date9-03-2011, 11:25
Mashed Up Dance Vocals (wav, fxp, sf2, sxt, mid)

Mashed Up Dance Vocals (wav, fxp, sf2, sxt, mid) | 145MB

Vocal hits & stabs made for the dancefloor and melodies to make it move! This sample pack contains over 100 samples designed for Club, House, Trance, Hard Dance and Hardcore production, with vocals loops at 128 & 140 BPM. Add some vocal dimension to your latest masterpiece today!
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CategoryMultiMedia Date9-03-2011, 11:25
Steinway Black Grand Piano GIGA DVDR

Team BSOUNDZ | 3DVD | DVD1: 1.15GB | DVD2: 1.21GB | DVD3: 1.24GB

The magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concerthall for the true concert grand experience. Three different perspectives, Close, Ambient and Medium Ambiance gives you tree different instruments to choose from. Incredible 48 samples/note (36 for Gigastudio 2), cut's this sampled instrument in a class of it's own. Format included: Gigastudio 2/3.
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CategoryOperating System Date9-03-2011, 11:23
Ubuntu Junior Cube 1.3 (2011)

Ubuntu Junior Cube 1.3 (2011) | 1.26 GB

Unlike normal ubuntu is that the assembly is practically already configured. In the assembly uses Control Center Ubuntu Tweak which should greatly simplify the running for a beginner.
Well, it's time to present to the public the first Cube! Let me remind you that builds on the media poll polls and personalized offers. And the goal was justified. And so it has initiated a review!
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CategoryMultiMedia Date8-03-2011, 19:44
VSL Horizon Series Opus 1 Percussion KONTAKT

VSL Horizon Series Opus 1 Percussion KONTAKT | 663MB

Percussion is part of Vienna Symphonic Library VSL Horizon Series OPUS 1 Orchestra with more convenient kontakt interface. The feedback from users of the award-winning VSL orchestral sample libraries was the driving force behind the creation of Opus 1. Opus 1 was designed for convenience. Its logical, consistent structure is easy to grasp, instruments can be exchanged without having to figure out altered program numbers or unexpected controller assignments. If you want maximum orchestral output with a single computer system, this is the library of choice! Opus 1 excels at efficiency, economy and unencumbered creativity, while sacrificing nothing in the realism and expressiveness that the Vienna Symphonic Library has become famous for.
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CategoryMultiMedia Date8-03-2011, 19:43
Acoustica Mixcraft v5.2.152 Mobile Device Edition

TEAM BEAT | 07-03-2011 | 140MB

Mixcraft 5 is a powerful yet easy-to-use multi-track recording studio that enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with virtual instruments, score and edit video, and add effects to create stunningly professional compositions. Easy enough for everyone and powerful enough for the pros. Get a studio for a song with Mixcraft 5.
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CategorySoftware Date8-03-2011, 19:42
DAF Rapido 12.2010

DAF Rapido 12.2010 | 6.38 GB

DAF RAPIDO EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue) is the most complete documentation about spare parts and factory accessories for DAF trucks and buses.


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