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116 HDR Girls Wallpapers -NEO

116 HDR Girls Wallpapers
116 JPG | 1280x1024 - 2560x1920 | 74.65 MB
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Video2Brain Praxistraining Fotografie HDR GERMAN.

Video2Brain Praxistraining Fotografie HDR GERMAN
TEAM BLZiSO | 12/12/10 | 3.61GB
Genre: eLearning

The HDR technology enables the fantastic finish of your DSLR shots. Join the experienced photographer Michael Jordan live on photo tour of shootings in a wintry landscape, at home, in the theater or in front of great architectural examples and see what arrangements, settings and set-ups are needed here. You will receive a thorough introduction to HDR photography and learn how to deal with high contrast. Professional image-editing Deke McClelland shows readers how to use the many possibilities for further processing into a 32-bit image best and use the final tone mapping design. This Photoshop, Photomatix and HDR Expose for Windows and Mac are used. Professional Tips for Wow-effects included!

You want to capture HDR scenes and photo realistic to surrealistic images make it? With the HDR technique can depict light situations that would not be possible with conventional methods.


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