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T-Splines 2.3 r6240 Plugin for Rhino

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T-Splines 2.3 r6240 Plugin for Rhino

T-Splines 2.3 r6240 Plugin for Rhino | 15.53 MB

The T-Splines free trial is a fully functional version that will allow you to save 25 times. After that, T-Splines is still functional except it will not save, render or convert to NURBS or meshes. T-Splines allows you to create smooth, organic surfaces, edit them quickly, and export them for manufacturing without remodeling. Learn more about T-Splines v2.


T-Splines v2 provides a rich suite of tools to generate free-form surfaces. Because T-Splines is based on Rhino, you can create optimal models by taking advantage of both T-Splines and Rhino commands to create models for architecture, industrial design, jewelry, and marine. Read user manual.

The T-Splines free trial requires a copy of Rhino 4 SR6 or later to run. T-Splines will run on any system that meets the minimum requirements for Rhino 4, though at least 2 GB RAM is recommended.

Don't have Rhino? Install the Rhino free trial.
Extending your 25 saves trial as long as possible

We recently switched from a fixed-time trial to this flexible trial that lets you spend time with the software whenever you can squeeze it in. So, go ahead and install the trial today, and try the software when you have time! If T-Splines is installed and a Rhino file is saved with no T-spline surface in the scene, none of your 25 saves will be used. Only if there is a T-spline object in the scene will one of your trial saves be used.

Save time with powerful T-Spline features

The T-Splines features are all focused on creating a powerful toolset for organic modeling. See these features in action on our tutorials page. Additionally, you can use many Rhino commands when working with T-spline surfaces.


Geometry modification
Remove crease
Insert point
Insert edge
Duplicate faces
Fill hole
Append face
Merge edges
Unweld edges
Weld points
Axial and radial symmetry
Match surfaces

Manipulators: Translate, rotate, scale
Set pivot, attenuation, UVN model
Soft manipulation
Selection: vertex, edge, face, tangency handles
Grow selection
Shrink selection
Paint selection
Select grip loop
Select edge ring
Toggle smooth mode

Convert T-spline to mesh
Convert T-spline to NURBS
Convert subdivision surface/mesh to NURBS
Set surface layout

Utility commands
Flip normals
Extract control polygon
Extrude lines
Split curves
Weight points
Curvature graph edges
Edit layout
Make uniform
Flatten vertices
Use familiar Rhino commands to edit your T-Spline model

T-Splines is very tightly integrated into Rhino. Rhino commands can be used directly on a T-spline surface or on the control points of the surface.

The general rule is that Rhino commands that work on polysurfaces also work on T-spline surfaces. Some of them convert the T-spline surface to a NURBS surface, and others keep the surface as a T-spline. Below is an extensive list of Rhino commands, with an explanation of how they work with T-spline surfaces.

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