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MagOS 20110114 (based on Mandriva 2010.2)

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MagOS 20110114 (based on Mandriva 2010.2)
MagOS 20110114 (based on Mandriva 2010.2)
MagOS 20110114 (based on Mandriva 2010.2) | 1.05 GB
If we take the Mandriva Linux, add the script and add modules slax ... And then, of course, a little treat with a file - we MagOS Linux - unique in its kind Linux
Its key features:

- The freedom of creativity. Our Linux virtually neubivaemy with them can be easily and safely experiment - you can always bring the system back to its original condition. And if you do not like to delve into the system, but do in other areas - at your service compressed gigabytes already installed and configured to run programs on almost all occasions!
- Independence from the computer. MagOS linux can boot from a flash drive and save it your work. Driver for almost any computer has already installed, you can carry in your pocket your OS - with all files and programs
- Ease of development. If you do not know what is Linux, do not be afraid - to try it out in simple and easy. You can try it on their hardware booting from the flash drive or LiveDVD, you can install without reformatting it on the same partition as Windows.
- Modularity. MagOS Linux consists of independent modules from each other, even not very experienced maker can gather he needs the distribution. Included are three modules of the system-the desktop environments - KDE, Gnome and LXDE, each with its own set already installed software. You can expand your distribution is already prepared or self-created module, you can easily share their experiences, making the "modular" fixes and settings that can be set or canceled a couple of mouse clicks.
Ext. Information:
- Added new package ddrescue gvfs-archive gvfs-fuse gvfs-gphoto2 gvfs-iphone gvfs-smb kopete-cryptography mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail radiotray
- New main menu, standardized under all of the graphic medium.
- Ability to boot from a given screen resolution, this introduces a new boot option xres, also added parameters XORG_RES and FLATPANEL ini file.
- New option boot fsck to automatically check and repair file systems. With this option, the system checks all connected at startup partitions, files, profiles, kriptokonteynery.
- You can use kriptokonteynera AES256 as the system profile. Kriptokonteynera connection with the user data (home) moved from the graphical boot into text. In the file name kriptokonteynera have to be increased. Enc
- New option GRAFFITY ini file includes a map of how to download your wallpaper on the desktop.
- For developers creating modules simplified plug-ins for firefox thunderbird. Enough to place expansion in folders / usr / lib / mozilla / firefox / extensions / usr / lib / mozilla / thunderbird / extensions, system registers them as system extensions in specific versions of these programs
- Fixed client-side connection NX Nomachine Client to the terminal server MagOS.
- Corrected inclusion Numlock at the entrance to a text console, when you use the ini file NUMLOCK = no
- Fixed blocking statistics server it impossible to log on to
- Changed the default settings for programs remmina, linphone
- Experimental feature a boot option oldpc MagOS remake the system with modules without compression. This raises several times the size of the modules, but significantly accelerates the system when running on older hardware or on a no-processors.
Leadership. How to install MagOS:
Installing the stick:
1. Unpack the archive
2. Copy all the files in the root of the stick (capitalization is important)
3. Set the boot running one of the scripts
boot / syslinux / install.lin / - under Linux
boot / syslinux / / bootinst.bat - from under the Window $
Do not run scripts if they lie on the screw, they change the mbr device on which lie.
Creating a live dvd:
1. Unpack the archive
2. Create an image of one of the scripts
boot / syslinux / install.lin / - under Linux
boot / syslinux / / make_iso.bat - from under the Window $
3. the file record any program on a carrier
Install the screw in Linux
Installation can be performed as well as the stick.
If you do not want to change the boot loader already installed,
You can copy to any section of only the folder MagOS and customize your own boot loader.
Install the screw in the windows:
Considered a safe option to install when the mbr and boot sectors of disks do not change, is only setting the standard boot loader.
(When your computer starts you will be asked which system to load).
1. Unpack the archive
2. Copy the boot to the root of any partition (in NT/2K/XP only need to use C:)
3. Adjust the boot one of the scripts
boot/grub4dos/ - for NT/2K/XP
boot/grub4dos/ - for Vista / 7
4. Copy the folder MagOS to any section
5. If the folder MagOS is not on the same partition as the boot, then the line raskomentarte find ... in sections MagOS file \ boot \ grub4dos \ menu.lst (necessary to remove the lattice)
scripts must be run under the administrator.
In Vista or 7ke first start Windows Explorer or File Manager under administrator and then out of his script, too, by the administrator (run by the right mouse button)
Booting from USB on computers do not support this
You'll have to make a bootable minidisc one of the scripts
boot / syslinux / install.lin / - under Linux
boot / syslinux / / make_boot_iso.bat - from under the Window $
The image will take about 20M
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