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#1 Garmin Australia Oztopo v.2.1 (2011/ENG)

Date28-03-2011, 21:55
Garmin Australia Oztopo v.2.1 (2011/ENG)

Garmin Australia Oztopo v.2.1 (2011/ENG) | 2.63 GB

Not just a contour map, and detailed topographic map of 1:25000 scale.
The coverage area - the Australian continent and Tasmania, including roads, off-road trails, hiking trails (Belarusian partisans), and more. Oztopo 2.1 is the third release from the manufacturer Oztopo, offering an alternative package of cards that are compatible with nafigatorami Garmin. The package is a set of detailed topographic maps that are suitable for hiking, off-road driving, etc. Oztopo 2.1 package consists of two sets: the 10-meter contour map and roads / trails. Both packages can be downloaded in nafigator simultaneously.


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